Welcome  to my new Jewellery blog, Kinkel!!

I just graduated from a 4 year jewellery design and metal techniques course at the University of Stellenbosch.  This first post just includes some pictures of what I got up to in my fourth and final year of my course.

The theme for my final year project was:  The adorning relationship between the body and its aesthetic extensions.  I looked at the relationship between the body and its jewellery and how we decorate and modify our bodies to hide the imperfections and shortcomings of our physical bodies.

Hope you enjoy my blog and its jewels!!

Silver and fake Eyelash Rings

Electroplated Eyelash Ring

Fake Hair Necklace

Rainbow Fake Hair Ring

Colourful Fake Hair Necklace

Fake Hair Ring Collection

Fake Hair Loop Necklace

Fake Hair Brass Brooch