Electroforming.. my new favourite technique!

In my few months as exchange student at Pforzheim design school in Germany, I discovered the technique.  And when I got back I was lucky enough to have a dad that could build me my own electroforming machine.  Basically electroforming is covering anything with metal by chemical reaction. Here are some pics of my electroforming done in Germany and in my studio.  But the experimenting still continues…

Seeds being prepared for electroforming

Electroformed Seed Ring

Silver Electroformed Seed Ring

Electroformed Lace

Electroformed Chilli

Copper Electroformed Ring

Electroformed Leaves

Silver Electroformed Leaf Pendant

Silver Electroformed Rose Thorn Twig Pendant

Stay tuned for some more final pieces coming soon..

8 thoughts on “Electroforming

  1. beautiful work! only i wonder if its possible to solder those pieaces? Aren’t they ‘afraid’ of fire? Especially when an organic piece is covered inside. hhmmm..

    • Hi Viola! Thank you so much. Yip I solder on the pieces after they are electroformed. I heat up the piece so that the organic thing inside burns out. And then sometimes Ill drill a tiny whole to shake the ashes out. Just remember there needs to be a hole somewhere on the piece when you solder because it is hollow and needs to release the pressure. Hope this helps! Marleen 🙂

    • Hey Mathilda! Thanx so much! I cover my organic leaves and flowers with copper dust to make them conductible. First I spray them with a layer of Clear Lacquer. I mix the copper dust with thinners. And then when you paint the copper dust mixture onto the piece, the lacquer and thinners connects which makes the copper dust stick to your piece. Hope this helps Mathilda 🙂

  2. Beautiful work. I’ve been saving pods from my flower garden and hope to try this. Can you tell me where to get the copper dust and what and how to thin it?

    • Thank you so much! Yes I also collected so many amazing leaves and pods the other day from my mothers garden, but i forgot to dry it out properly and when i opened the lid last week it was all rotten… haha :/ I can’t remember now where i bought the dust because i bought it many many years ago… its been lasting me ages. So sorry… will try and find out for you. I first spray my leaves with lacquer… and then i mix the dust with paint thinners. And then paint this over the lacquered leaf 🙂

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