Just a few new..

Just a few random pieces I made lately or re-worked.  Enjoy 🙂

Silver Brooch – “Deafening Silence”

Green Stone Electroformed Ring

Silver and Pyrite Ring

Milky White stone Ring

Silver Chain

Electroforming.. part 2

I’v finally finished some more electroforming pieces after some very annoying technical difficulties with my machine.  Some of the pieces came out great, but still not sure about some of them (stone pendants…).  So I would really appreciate some opinions and comments from everyone!

Yay or nay??

Green Stone Pendant

Spotted Red Stone Pendant

Electroformed Stone Pendants

Black and White Stone Ring

Patterned Stone Ring

Electroformed Ball Ring

Electroformed Hoop Earrings

Electroformed Leaf Ring

Assorted Electroformed Rings