Electroforming.. part 2

I’v finally finished some more electroforming pieces after some very annoying technical difficulties with my machine.  Some of the pieces came out great, but still not sure about some of them (stone pendants…).  So I would really appreciate some opinions and comments from everyone!

Yay or nay??

Green Stone Pendant

Spotted Red Stone Pendant

Electroformed Stone Pendants

Black and White Stone Ring

Patterned Stone Ring

Electroformed Ball Ring

Electroformed Hoop Earrings

Electroformed Leaf Ring

Assorted Electroformed Rings


9 thoughts on “Electroforming.. part 2

  1. Yay! Very nice.
    I’ve just started doing some electroforming & love it. I realise this post is quite old…are you still electroforming? How do you attach your electroformed stone to your ring? I glue it to the band, or push into apoxie sculpt before electroforming. Then the band actually electroforms ‘to’ the stone. But looks like your bands are not electroformed at all?

    • Hi Kylie! I actually haven’t actually electroformed lately, but was just about to set up my machine this weekend to start again! With the stone rings, I solder a tiny little thin plate on top of the ring and then glue the stone to the plate. Then I just electroform over the plate and not the entire ring. 🙂 Hope this can help you. Marleen

      • Hi Marleen, so how do you stop the ring band getting electroformed? Because it’s a metal, I thought it would take on the copper? Do you coat the ring band with something to stop the copper electroforming to it? sorry, I’m very new at this & just have a tiny little Sherri Haab rectifier machine. I LOVE your ball ring & earring hoops! I did a ring with aluminium foil & it looked great, but still like foil…just copper foil! I love the way your things get all those tiny little balls on them. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Hey Kylie! Yes the machine electroforms on anything that can conduct electricity.. which means the silver too. For those rings I actually just put the top of the piece into the machine and then just filed off the electroformed metal on the band. But what you can do is just paint the areas you do not want to electroform with any nailpolish. The ball and earring hoops I made by twisting and crumpling some of those very very thin copper wires you find inside electrical cord and then just leaving them in the machine very long. Let me know if you need anymore info 🙂 I feel like I am also still in a bit of an experimental phase with my machine. It seems that everytime I try to copy a ring it comes out completely different. Thanx for the comments!! 🙂

    • Ahhhh….And do you solder silver earring posts onto those hoop earrings, after the copper wire has been electroformed, or glue them on first & just put the wire hoop in the solution, like you do the rings? I’ve never soldered to anything I’ve electroformed, (I’ve mainly done leaves), but guessing you can because it’s all metal, rather than leaves or a stone that may crack with solder heat.
      I haven’t got any solution to go from copper to silver yet (more $$ ;-), but I do want have that option for things, as copper rings make my finger green, even with renaissance wax.
      And all of those gorgeous little balls…do they just form naturally, or do you stick things on?? I’ve been told some people stick little micro beads & even sand on!
      Thanks for chatting to me about it all. It’s so lovely to get help from someone. I know there’s nothing like having a go, but it’s such a time consuming thing & so hit & miss, and I need the help I can get!
      If you’re still in the experimental stage, what hope do I have! hehe!

      • Hehe oh yes very experimental still! These machines are so temperamental… I just feel like that I have figured something out and then the machines decides to do something else haha. But you are right, It takes lots of time. I would love to be able to have more time to experiment. For instance, I am not sure how I made those balls. It made those balls with my previous solution, but when I bought new copper sulphate it didnt make such nice balls.
        What I started to do lately, when your piece is finished electroforming I then burn out the leaf or whatever inside. Just make sure there is a hole somewhere for the smoke and ashes to come out, and also make sure your piece is electroformed thick enough. And then you can solder or do any other normal jewelery techniques on it. And then I just silver plate it in the end when it is completed.
        Thanx for chatting to me! Its nice to here from others trying the technique. Where do you come from?

      • I have a little Sherri Haab machine, so it’s very simple. Turn it on & a slide button from low-high, for amps. Have no idea what actual amps it is though!
        I burnt some leaf earrings out, by mistake! hehe… I thought I’d try quickly hitting it with my torch, to give heat patina. The leaf expanded & smoke came out of it! So I guess I burnt it out by accident! Was very stinky too! But looks great, so I’m going to do more. I think it created it’s own little hole! If you deliberately make a hole for the smoke & ashes to come out, how big do you need to make it & how do you cover it up later?…or do you just leave the hole in it?
        I love chatting to you about these things! so thank YOU! 🙂
        I’m from Australia. A little town about 3 hours south of Sydney. Where are you?

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