Berlin Berlin

I am once again living in Germany!

And I am finding myself reminiscing on projects and jewels i made two years ago when I was studying here.

For this project we spent a week in the Technical Museum in Berlin and experimented with old jewellery machinery.  The aim of the game was to use the old machines and techniques and come up with new modern ways to make jewellery with it.  I came up with these range of brass brooches.  Two of these brooches are now displayed in the Technik Mueseum in Berlin 🙂

Tassel Collection

This is a new tassel collection I’ve started working on.  Tassels are so easy to work with.. and always looks stunning! Still have many designs for these that I want to make.


Black Tassel Necklace


Long Tassel Earrings


Dyed Tassel Necklace


Three Tassel Necklace