Socializing on the Media

I have been having so much fun the past two months working on Kinkel’s Image! I decided its about time Kinkel started making a bit of a statement on the internet, as Social Media is playing such a big role in our lives now.  I’ve never been the type of person that spends a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

My only real addiction is  Pinterest 🙂

But now after forcing myself to explore the possibilities on the other three, I have to admit I am slowly getting hooked! So I have been working on the image of Kinkel, taking new interesting photos, photoshopping some logos (actually getting julius to photoshop for me, hehe), designing new logos and playing with colours. I got my hands on my own Kinkel logo stamps which works great and alsp started working on packaging and some business cards.

Here are just some of the photos I have been working on… so please go press on those instagram and pinterest buttons and help me share share share 😉



purple flower

white flower - julius


IMG_1135 copy - julius

Double K Pendant

Double K Pendant

3 rings white



Kinkel and Letter Stamps

Kinkel and Letter Stamps


The new Kinkel!

Kinkel has been a bit quiet for the past year… but just because the blog and the facebook has been quiet does not mean that things have not been happening!

Exciting things are happening for Kinkel!! I spent my year in Germany runnning after my au-pair kiddies, but also exploring Europe and all the wonderful things in it.  I found so much inspiration there.  Jewellery, fashion, patterns, art, flavours and friends!  I spent my days designing and drawing books full of ideas for Kinkel.  And now that I am back I have so many designs to keep me busy for a year, a whole new brand for Kinkel and a business plan that cannot fail! I am too excited to start making jewellery again.  So watch this space!


Huge Kinkel Logo with est

Kinkel’s new Logo!


Resins and Plastics

Here’s another project i completed in Germany.  These rings are more contemporary statement pieces, rather than jewellery you would wear everyday.

The class was called New Materials, which basically just included experimenting with different types of resins and plastics.  The end result was four purple and black organza resin rings.  I set the organza in a rubbery like Resin, and then set them in silver bands.

Berlin Berlin

I am once again living in Germany!

And I am finding myself reminiscing on projects and jewels i made two years ago when I was studying here.

For this project we spent a week in the Technical Museum in Berlin and experimented with old jewellery machinery.  The aim of the game was to use the old machines and techniques and come up with new modern ways to make jewellery with it.  I came up with these range of brass brooches.  Two of these brooches are now displayed in the Technik Mueseum in Berlin 🙂

Tassel Collection

This is a new tassel collection I’ve started working on.  Tassels are so easy to work with.. and always looks stunning! Still have many designs for these that I want to make.


Black Tassel Necklace


Long Tassel Earrings


Dyed Tassel Necklace


Three Tassel Necklace

Stack em all!

My latest project is my stacking ring collection.  You pick your own mix of rings and stack them on your finger to make a pretty collection.  Had so much fun making these… and have so many ideas for more!

Copper stacking Rings

Silver Stacking Rings

Silver organic filed rings

Twisted Ring

Spotty Ring

Filed Bumpy Ring


Just a few new..

Just a few random pieces I made lately or re-worked.  Enjoy 🙂

Silver Brooch – “Deafening Silence”

Green Stone Electroformed Ring

Silver and Pyrite Ring

Milky White stone Ring

Silver Chain

Electroforming.. part 2

I’v finally finished some more electroforming pieces after some very annoying technical difficulties with my machine.  Some of the pieces came out great, but still not sure about some of them (stone pendants…).  So I would really appreciate some opinions and comments from everyone!

Yay or nay??

Green Stone Pendant

Spotted Red Stone Pendant

Electroformed Stone Pendants

Black and White Stone Ring

Patterned Stone Ring

Electroformed Ball Ring

Electroformed Hoop Earrings

Electroformed Leaf Ring

Assorted Electroformed Rings

Ducky’s en Diertjies

New range of Silver animal rings I’m selling.  All between R150 and R180… Ready for your orders!

Silver Ducky Ring

Small Ducky ring

Silver Bear ring

Silver Cat ring

Silver Octopus ring

Small Silver boat ring

Stones Stones and more Stones

Since I’v been a little kid I’v been collecting stones from Scratch Patch, Mineral World, in Simon’s Town.  Now I’m sitting with boxes filled with stones from every shape and colour.

Finally I’v found a use for them 🙂

Purple Stone Ring

Brown striped stone ring

Blue Green Stone ring

Light blue stone electroformed ring